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Вакансии недели:
В компании Surya Group открыты вакансии по двум направлениям:
  • Бренд менеджер для мужской линейки одежды (аналоги Paul Zilleri, Hugo Boss, Hackett London)
  • Бренд менеджер для нескольких брендов обуви (аналоги – Premiata, Loriblu, Baldinini, Fabi, Guardiani, Pirelli).

Main responsibilities:
  • Brand positioning in the market pricing, collections order, points of sales, marketing support
  • Marketing strategy development and control over its implementation (in cooperation with marketing department)
  • Wholesale business development
  • Increasing results in WS channel
  • Negotiations with the key customers
  • Development of the dealers' portfolio
  • Organizing dealers selling-in campaign
  • Presentation of Surya Group and brand to new dealers
  • Retail development
  • Working on Retail development plan
  • Negotiations on the possible locations
  • Creating a Store opening schedule and manage over it at all stages
  • Corners development (for example, Tsvetnoy Central Market etc.)
  • Current work with the Brand owner
  • Collections order
  • Price lists forming
  • Negotiations on pricing and payment conditions
  • All necessary negotiations on behalf of Surya Group

Main requirements:
  • 3+ years of experience working with brands of these segments
  • Presence of client base and sustained contacts with key multi-brand shops/chains/department stores of a luxury segment in Moscow and regions
  • Experience of negotiating with brands and clients
  • Knowledge of the fashionable cloth market and accessories of the specified segment
  • Fluent English
  • Ready to business trips
  • Английский язык cвободное владение

Тел: + 7 495 660 54 50
Факс: + 7 495 660 54 51
Эл.почта: info@suryagroup.ru

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